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Speaker: Marcus Ritter, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Extra-P is an automatic performance-modeling tool that supports the user in the identification of scalability bugs.

Extra-P uses measurements of various performance metrics at different execution configurations as input to generate performance models of code regions as a function of the execution parameters. All it takes to search for scalability issues even in full-blown codes is to run a manageable number of small-scale performance experiments, launch Extra-P, and compare the asymptotic or extrapolated performance of the worst instances to the expectations.

Extra-P generates not only a list of potential scalability bugs but also human-readable models for all performance metrics available such as floating-point operations or bytes sent by MPI calls that can be further analyzed and compared to identify the root causes of scalability issues.

Extra-P is developed by TU Darmstadt - in collaboration with ETH Zurich.