FINN / Single FPGA Workshop (Fast, Scalable Quantized Neural Network Inference on FPGAs)

X0.101 (Paderborn University, Building X)


Paderborn University, Building X


FINN is an experimental, open-source framework, which optimizes deep neural network inference on FPGAs. Tailored for quantized neural networks, it creates customized dataflow-style architectures, resulting in highly efficient FPGA accelerators with high throughput and low latency.

This workshop focuses on two main objectives: understanding the concepts of FINN and using FINN in practical hands-on sessions on the FPGAs of Noctua 2. Therefore, the workshop is divided into three parts:

1) Understanding the fundamentals of Neural Networks (about 30 min)
2) Understanding the basics of FPGAs (about 30 min)
3) Understanding FINN and its entire tool flow process with hands-on sessions (about 3 hours)

The workshop is a hybrid event, combining in-person and virtual participation. Additionally, a certificate of participation will be provided and participants can look forward to enjoying pizza after the event.

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