Focused Trainings

Totalview Training part 1




On 22.10.2020 14:00-18:00 a Training for the parallel debugger Totalview ( will be available (for free). The lectures will be held by the developers of Totalview.
This will be the first part of a two or three-part in-depth training and the first event on 22nd of October will have the following agenda:
- Introduction
- TotalView Features
- Startup
- Remote Display
- UI Navigation and Process Control
- Action Points
- Break (15 mins)
- Python Debugging
- Examining and Editing Data
- Advanced C++ and Data Debugging
- Q&A
- Explanation of Demo Labs 1 & 2

The subsequent trainings will have the topics:

- ReplayEngine
- OpenMP debugging
- MPI Debugging
- Reverse Connect Feature
- MemoryScape
- Transformations
- CUDA debugging
- Command Line Interface (CLI)
- Batch Debugging with TVScript
- Recent TotalView Release Features

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PC² HPC advisors