NHR Quantum Machine Learning Tutorial @ ISC24

ISC24 Hamburg

ISC24 Hamburg


NHR@GWDG, NHR@ZIB and PC2 organize a full-day Quantum Machine Learning tutorial at ISC24.

Please register at the ISC24 (https://www.isc-hpc.com/attendance-overview.html) to participate in the tutorial.


Leveraging quantum algorithms holds the potential for exponential advancements in classical machine learning. In this ISC tutorial, we present an introductory tutorial to quantum computing aimed at computer- and data scientists as well as HPC users of any scientific domain. Our focus is to show how quantum computers are programmed today while providing the essential math and physics background required to develop quantum algorithms. The tutorial builds on our successful tutorial at ISC23 by extending and refining the parts challenging to the participants in 2023. The first part introduces basic ideas and examples of gate-based quantum computing, specifically designed for participants with no prior knowledge. The second part illustrates quantum classifiers, such as the Variational Quantum Classifier, as an introduction to Quantum Machine Learning. Experienced individuals in quantum computing can join both sessions to refresh their knowledge, or the afternoon session alone. The tutorial will use the Qiskit framework to show how complex quantum algorithms can be constructed from available building blocks. As participants progress through this tutorial, they will acquire practical insights into the complexities of quantum computing, equipping them with knowledge and skills to explore the potential of quantum algorithms in their respective fields.


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